Our History

In the Year 1995, a small prayer group started with six people they would never have dreamed of a church as big as today’s Christian Fellowship. But above our expectations The Almighty had a great plan about that humble beginning. Even we can see that Jesus feeds the Five thousand and the Four thousand only with five loaves of bread & two fish and seven loaves of bread & a few small fish respectively .Similarly it was true with CFK too, we too started with a few i.e. six!!!!!!!!!! Praise the Lord

After a few weeks Bro.Joseph C Joseph and family joined this group and helps to lead the congregations. There were prayer meetings at one of our beliver’s residence three days in a week i.e. on Tuesday Thursday and Friday,. During that period many people joined the prayer group. By that time we felt the need of a common prayer hall so as to accommodate more people and to expand of our church and the ministry. According to the guidance of the Holy Spirit we have decided to move an application to the Ahmadi Church. They accepted our application and Dr. Ammanuel Ghareeb granted permission to hold church meetings on every Wednesdays from 8:30-10:30 and on first Fridays of every month from 7:30-10:30 pm at their auditorium.

Within a few months since we started our meetings at the Ahmadi church, CFK had grown in leaps and bounds. By that time Holy Spirit had already laid the foundation for the growth of a great ministry –The CFK. Many people accepted Jesus as their savior and got baptized and joined the church. At the same time God helped us to expand our church ministries and start bible classes at different places like Mena Abdullah, Mena Alsoor, Ahmadi, Fintas and Abuhalifa.

At that time church invited Pr. P.J Samuel(Sheraton Sam) to conduct Holy Communion and baptism on first Fridays of every month. As we felt the need for a permanent pastor, the church had decided to bring Pr. Chacko George from Palghat as the pastor of our church. He was with us for three years then went to the USA. Pr. Joy George became our next pastor. After one year as he himself has decided to go back to India, then we invited Pr. O T Thomas to be the minister for Christian Fellowship of Kuwait.

Since the beginning of our church in 1995 more than 200 people got baptized and joined the church. When we look back by the grace of God, Christian Fellowship of Kuwait is one among the leading churches in Kuwait.